Completing a Lease Transfer in New Jersey

Leasing a car in New Jersey provides incredible flexibility for you as a driver. When you buy, you may be able to sell down the road or trade in your car for cash toward an upgrade, but for the most part your options are limited. When you lease with NJ Car Lease on the other hand, there are far more tactics at hand.

Transferring Your Lease in New Jersey

For a very small fee, NJ Car Lease can help you exit a lease early with no penalties by simply transferring your lease to another driver. Maybe you are moving overseas, maybe you have new family needs, or maybe your situation has changes and you need efficiency over power — no matter! Our team will pair you up with another driver looking to take over the commitment and payments remaining on your lease without you having to lift a finger!

Taking Over a Lease in New Jersey

If you are looking to enter a lease without committing to a full traditional timeline or simply want to dip your toes in the leasing waters without diving full in, you may be able to take over a short-term lease from another driver. At NJ Lease Car, we help Jersey drivers avoid expiring or termination fees by connecting them with drivers interested in taking over their lease. These lease transfers are simple and can save both parties thousands of dollars on their New Jersey lease.

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